Week of 6/15

Hey guys!  Here’s the schedule for the week of 6/15

Gears Wednesday:
Gears 5 | 8am – 2pm | I’ll be returning to Gears 5’s Team Deathmatch on our climb to Master rank. I’m combining both streams for today into one mega-stream.

Factorio | 8am – 11am | I’ll be making up for last week’s missed stream by chilling in Factorio and building a messy factory.

Simulator Friday:
Prison Architect | 8am – 11am | I’ll be building a prison that most likely will be broken out of.
Victoria II | 5pm – 8pm | I’ll continue my conquest of Italy in hopes of not being bad at the game, which I am.

Survival Saturday:
Colony Survival | 11am – 2pm | I’ll continue to build up a town that others can call home in a world infested by zombies.
7 Days to Die | 8pm – 2am | I’ll continue to live on borrowed time as I desperately struggle for survival against the horde with friends.