Week of 6/15

Hey guys!  Here’s the schedule for the week of 6/15

Gears Wednesday:
Gears 5 | 8am – 2pm | I’ll be returning to Gears 5’s Team Deathmatch on our climb to Master rank. I’m combining both streams for today into one mega-stream.

Factorio | 8am – 11am | I’ll be making up for last week’s missed stream by chilling in Factorio and building a messy factory.

Simulator Friday:
Prison Architect | 8am – 11am | I’ll be building a prison that most likely will be broken out of.
Victoria II | 5pm – 8pm | I’ll continue my conquest of Italy in hopes of not being bad at the game, which I am.

Survival Saturday:
Colony Survival | 11am – 2pm | I’ll continue to build up a town that others can call home in a world infested by zombies.
7 Days to Die | 8pm – 2am | I’ll continue to live on borrowed time as I desperately struggle for survival against the horde with friends.

Gears Multiplayer Team

Hey guys! I’ve been playing Gears of War my whole life and recently have been trying to reach the higher ranks of Gears’ Ranked modes. I’d like to start scraping a team together that I could play multiplayer with often. DM me on twitter or discord if you’d be interested.

Patreon Special Offer

Hey guys! Just letting you know that today is the last day to sign up on Patreon to receive the special welcome video! Anyway, I hope you’re all having a good day!

Schedule Change


Hey guys! A few of you have been requesting I stream more often, so I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on the matter. I have created a poll asking whether you want me to stream every day, add a few days to my schedule, or keep my guaranteed stream of Friday and then stream randomly throughout the week like I’m currently doing.

Patreon is live!

Hey Guys! I was setting up my patreon and was clicking around and accidentally hit Launch! Luckily for me, the page was done and just waiting for tomorrow. Sadly I can not un-launch it, so this will just have to do! From today till April 15th, I am running a special offer where I record videos personally thanking you for your contribution (and yes, that does include my face).

Website release!

Hey guys! After sitting dormant for a while, my website is finally live! It was sitting there waiting for its finishing touches and I’ve finally taken the time to complete it! This will serve as a centralized place for everything Marlton, like a big portfolio!